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Pre-order Desserts

We have an assortment of desserts available daily. Check out our dessert cooler while you order your food, or give us a call and we'll tell you what's on the dessert menu for the day.



The following desserts are made in-house and are available to order for your dinner, party or event. Call (304)466-6626 or email to place your order. Some items may be available immediately. To ensure your order is ready, please try to give at least a week's notice.

Cheesecake • $40.00 each, serves 8-12


   banana pudding

   caramel pecan chocolate chip


   cinnamon apple


   cookie dough



   peanut butter pretzel

   red velvet


   vanilla - with optional fruit toppings - blueberry, cherry, or strawberry

Cookie Platters • $27 (dozen)

   blueberry lemon

   caramel crunch

   chocolate chip

   red velvet

   Reese's Cup

Whole pie • $25

   coconut cream

   chocolate mousse

   peanut butter



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