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Preparing for Holiday Meals

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Despite being one of the busiest times of the year, the holidays are the perfect time

to slow down, and spend quality time with your family and friends. There will be

gifts exchanged, songs sung, old family stories laughed over, and eating… lots, and

lots, and lots of eating! So, before you get busy making those holiday appetizers,

decadent desserts, and grandma’s famous green bean casserole, here are a few tips,

that we’ve found helpful.

Make a plan.

Every family has their long-held traditions, whether it’s a formal turkey dinner, an

all-day “graze as you go buffet”, a day spent in your Christmas pajamas eating

breakfast food, or a carry-out meal that lets someone else do the cooking. There is no wrong way to celebrate the season.

Consider your guests.

When you’re planning your meal, take time to ask your guests a few simple, but

critical questions. Does anyone have a food allergy or sensitivity? Are they

vegetarian or vegan? If so, how will that change your menu? Your guests will be glad to offer suggestions and will appreciate knowing that you cared enough to make sure they enjoyed their meal, too.

Make a grocery list.

Save yourself a dozen trips to the grocery store, by planning ahead! Make a list of

everything you’ll need before you go shopping. Start with food items but be sure to

include other essentials like aluminum foil and Ziplock bags for the leftovers or

extra marshmallows for the hot chocolate, so you’re prepared when you go


Clean the kitchen and refrigerator.

Starting with a clean slate makes preparing your holiday meal easier and less

stressful. Get out your favorite serving bowls and trays. Find the lids for your

storage containers. Make sure you have room in your refrigerator for left overs so

you can put food away as soon after the meal as possible.

Get everyone involved!

The old saying “Many hands make light work” is a saying for a reason… it’s true!

Include the little members of the family, by letting them help mix ingredients or

pour measured ingredients into bowls. They love to help bake and decorate cookies!

Put bigger kids in charge of setting and clearing the table. Guests can carry food

trays as they’re ready. If there’s room in your kitchen, someone can wash dishes

after the cooks are done with mixing bowls and utensils so there’s less to do after

you eat. You can’t create new memories with your family if you’re in the kitchen

cleaning up!

Enjoy your holiday!

That one isn’t a tip. It’s our holiday wish for you, and your nearest and dearest!

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