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Catering Menu

Email or call (304)466-6626 to schedule a catering consultation.

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Platters and Dips

(servings for 10) 


International and domestic cheese with fresh fruit • $30.00


Seasonal fresh fruit with yogurt honey dip • $25.00


Seasonal vegetable crudités and dip • $25.00


Anti-pasta platter • $25.00


Spinach and artichoke dip with pita points • $30.00


Buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips • $25.00


Crab dip with toasted French bread • $40.00


Marinated oven-roasted vegetable • $20.00


Cocktail Sandwiches

(Each platter serves 8 - 10 people.)


Assorted mini croissant sandwiches (choose one) • $60.00

   chicken salad

   tuna salad



Pulled Pork Barbeque Sliders • $60.00


Mini sweet Hawaiian ham and Swiss sandwiches • $45.00


Finger Sandwiches (choose one) • $30.00



   roast beef 

   chicken salad

Cold Hors D’ oeuvres

(Each platter serves 8- 10 people.)


Jumbo shrimp cocktail • $70.00

Grilled portabella and roasted red pepper crostinis •  $45.00


Toasted French bread bruschetta with fresh mozzarella  • $45.00


Caprese salad skewers with balsamic reduction • $45.00


Deviled eggs • $25.00


Hot Hors D’oeuvres

(Each platter serves 8 - 10 people.)


Mini crab cakes with chipotle aioli • $70.00


Grilled beef loin with horseradish on French roll  • $70.00


Coconut shrimp with pina colada dipping sauce • $50.00

Beef and vegetable kabobs with yogurt sauce • $50.00

Southern fried chicken strips with dipping sauce • $50.00


Herb and cheese stuffed mushrooms • $50.00

Meatballs (choose one) • $45.00



    marinara sauce

Hand tossed pizza (per pizza) • $20.00

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Entrees served with rolls and choice of 2 sides unless served with salad and bread. Dinners come with coffee, iced tea, and tap water.

Silver Dinner Options • $20/plate

Pasta (with: meatballs, grilled chicken, or Italian sausage; meat sauce or alfredo sauce), salad and bread


Meat lasagna, salad, and bread

Vegetable lasagna, salad, and bread


Marinated grilled chicken


Honey glazed ham


Baked white fish with lemon butter sauce




Pulled pork barbeque with buns


Grilled, boneless pork chops with pan gravy


Sides: potato salad, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, rice, buttered corn, baked beans, green beans


Gold Dinner Options • $25/plate

Grilled pork tenderloin served with apple butter bourbon glaze


Barbeque pork ribs


Salmon cakes with red pepper aioli


Beef tips braised in mushroom gravy

Rotisserie style chicken


Braised chicken cacciatore


Slow roasted turkey in gravy

Sides: side salad, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, rice, buttered corn, baked beans, green beans, pasta salad

Platinum Dinner Options • $30/plate


Potato encrusted cod with lemon, dill cream sauce

½ roasted chicken


Slow roasted beef brisket


Grilled fresh salmon with honey mustard and rosemary glaze


Chicken Florentine stuffed with spinach and parmesan


Jumbo shrimp grilled or fried with garlic butter or cocktail sauce

Sides: Caesar salad, house salad, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, rice pilaf, roasted asparagus, fresh grilled seasonal vegetables, broccoli florets, French green beans, blistered cherry tomatoes



Diamond Dinner Options • $40/plate 


Braised beef short ribs with mushroom demi-glace


Slow roasted prime rib served with horseradish sauce


Pan-seared crab cakes with remoulade

Sides: Caesar salad, house salad, roasted red potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, rice pilaf, roasted asparagus, fresh grilled seasonal vegetables, broccoli florets, French green beans, blistered cherry tomatoes



Assorted Desserts assorted toppings and flavors available • $4.00 each

                         minimum of 25 required with 3 options per 25 ordered

Cheesecake • $40.00 each (one week notice required) serves 8-12


   banana pudding

   caramel pecan chocolate chip


   cinnamon apple


   cookie dough



   peanut butter pretzel

   red velvet


   vanilla - with optional fruit toppings - blueberry, cherry, or strawberry

Cookie Platters • $27 (dozen)

   blueberry lemon

   caramel crunch

   chocolate chip

   red velvet

   Reese's Cup

Whole pie • $25

   coconut cream

   chocolate mousse

   peanut butter


boxed lunches

boxed lunches

 (all boxed lunches served with chips, cookie and a drink) 


Sandwiches or wraps  $15.00

choices of:

   turkey club


   chicken salad

iStock-467902204, small sandwich.jpg

sandwich platter

 (six sandwiches with veggies and condiments on the side) 


Sandwiches platters  $40.00

choices of:

   turkey club


   chicken salad

2017-11-08 19.20.52.jpg


Beverages included with dinner options: coffee, iced tea, and tap water.


Tea (per gallon) • $6.00


Coffee (per 10 cup pot) • $5.00


Lemonade (per gallon) • $6.00


Bottled Soda/ water (each) • $3.00


Beer • market price


Wine • market price

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Do I have to use your catering services at your venues?
All food and beverages served at The McCreery Conference and Event Center, and the Magnolia Room must be purchased through The Market on Courthouse Square or The Guest House—with the exception of a wedding cake. Each of the businesses has state-issued licenses in accordance with WV ABC and Health Department to be able to serve both. Delivery to your event is available - ask about delivery pricing.


What if I want to create my own menu?

You can create your own menu. Our catering menu can be used as a guide to help understand pricing and capabilities. You can schedule a time to meet with our culinary team to customize a menu of your choosing and budget.


When should menu selection be completed?

Catering choices should be decided at least 30 days before your event. 


What is the “guaranteed guest count” and when is it due? 

This is the number of guest meals you will pay for , and it also represents the 

number of place-settings the catering team will set inside the room. Your 

guaranteed guest count is due 2 weeks before your event.


Are alcoholic beverages allowed at my event?

Yes, although you cannot bring alcohol from other vendors. The WV ABC regulates the  sale and service of all alcoholic beverages. As liscensees, we are responsible for the sales and service of alcohol in all our venues. If alcoholic beverages are to be served on the premises, we require our servers/bartenders to dispense the beverages. Per the WV ABC regulations, our staff will request the proper identification verifying legal age and they have the right to refuse any person who appears to be intoxicated. An additional fee will charged for security and a bartender for your event.


What are options for a bar at my event?

We offer four bar service options to accommodate your needs. Each package has a $250 minimum. One bartender for every 75 guests will be provided with each

package. All open bar packages have a 6% sales tax and 18% gratuity added to the final invoice.


Open Bar

Charges are based on consumption. Host can choose to either do a beer and wine open bar or a beer, wine and liquor open bar. Beer is charged by individual draft pints, cans or bottles served. Wine is charged by the bottle when opened, and liquor is charged by the drink. Host can choose level of liquor served at the open bar.


Cash Bar

Guests are responsible for paying for their own drinks.


Pre-select Bar

Host can pre-select the dollar amount they would like to serve from beer, wine, liquor and specialty drinks. Once that amount is served, the bar can convert to a cash bar or the host can give permission to add an additional dollar amount onto the pre-select bar.


Package Bar

Host is charged in advance per person per hour for the time period  the bar will be open. Price varies depending on the alcohol package chosen by the host.

•  Beer and Wine - $13/per person for the first hour, $7/per person for each additional hour

• Beer, Wine and Liquor - $18/per person for the first hour, $8/per person for each additional hour


Can we order extra sides or substitute sides from a different menu option?

You can add an extra side dish for all of your guests for $3 per plate. If  you want to substitute sides from a different menu option, you may. Additional charges may apply.

Can I choose two entrees and the same sides on the buffet?

Yes, however we strongly encourage increasing the quantity of entees to have enough food for everyone attending. For example, if you have 100 attendees and order 50 portions of chicken and 50 portions of ham - the first 50 guests could potentially get 2 meats, leaving only side options for the remaining guests. 


Can I use an outside vendor?

Because of licensing restrictions, the only outside vendors allowed are wedding cake vendors. - all details related to the vendor’s service must be arranged and approved by the staff. Wedding cake vendors must be able to either provide their own table linens, plates, cutlery, etc., if arrangements have been made prior to the day of the event for the culinary team to provide. Should additional items be used from our facility and/or provided by the culinary team, the cost of these items will be added to the master bill.


Are service fees and taxes included in your prices?

No. An 18% service fee and 6% tax is applicable to all food, setup, and beverage charges—with the exception of a cash bar. The service charge is taxable.

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